Magnetika - Designer & Manufacturer of Transformers, Inductors, and Custom Magnetic Components



To be the preferred supplier of engineered, high quality magnetic components and assemblies that will satisfy a wide range of our customers' needs by giving them;
What they want
When they want it
At a price they are willing to pay
And do it at a profit
We will all work with integrity as a team to achieve customer satisfaction, personal growth, and financial strength.

We value;
Customer Satisfaction
Our People
Financial Strength

           Magnetika is committed to providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer's requirements.

Magnetika shall also strive to continuously review and improve our performance and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

We have been operating for over 40 years and have provided many inductive devices to numerous companies for both commercial and military programs.  We should be proud of what we have done.  Going forward, it is important for us as a management group to define our objectives so we can address the needs and requirements of all of our constituents which alphabetically are our community, customers, employees, government, management, shareholders and vendors.

Although difficult at times, we believe that by providing the proper tools, techniques, environment and corporate culture, we will be able to balance all the demands put upon us and provide satisfactory results for all concerned. We also believe that the most important assets of our organization, as any organization possesses, are its people, being the management and employees, and the success of any enterprise depends solely on its people working together towards well defined and common objectives. To accomplish this, certain requirements must be met in order to maximize the efficiency and success of the enterprise.

First, a continuous program of training and education must be maintained. Presently, the environment is such that methods and techniques become quickly obsolete and outdated. Therefore, everyone in the organization, at all levels, must continuously be looking for new and better ways to accomplish our tasks.

Second, a high degree of enthusiasm must be encouraged at all levels. Especially, persons in responsible positions should not only be enthusiastic themselves, but they should engender enthusiasm to their associates and their subordinates. Careful selection of the people we hire and by considering the above when giving them assignment of responsibilities will permit us to achieve these two stated requirements.

Third, even though we may achieve an organization which is comprised of people who meet the above requirements, it is essential that we all work in unison toward common, well defined and well stated objectives. Once these objectives are defined, stated and agreed, then a certain latitude of freedom will be given to individuals and teams to perform their duties in ways they determine is best within the area of responsibilities and within well established guidelines. These guidelines will be reviewed and modified from time to time to assure that they are appropriate for changing business conditions.

Our objective is to make important contributions to the field of magnetic components and related power conversion and electronic devices such as transformers, inductors, power supplies, invectors, converters and filters. We first must assess our abilities and capabilities and our present strengths and weaknesses, and then we must find out what are the requirements, demands and needs of our customers and the marketplace. To create a process which will, on a continuous basis, assess and define the changing needs of the marketplace, we need an efficient marketing organization. At the same time as these needs are defined, we must have the engineering and product design organization which will translate these needs into a product and continuously develop new methods and techniques so we can build and maintain a position of leadership in our field.

The revenue of the enterprise is simply achieved by putting labor on certain material using certain machinery and equipment. Therefore, in addition to providing adequate support services we must also seek to develop in our manufacturing programs the best and most efficient production techniques which will assure both quality and economy. A customer who buys a product from us must expect to get the finest of craftsmanship and the best value for their money.

We must also provide our customers with the best possible services. We should, within reasonable limits, give our customers what they want, when they want it. We should make sure that our customers not only get the best quality for the best price but also that our delivery and all of the other commitments we make are met. We should strive not only to satisfy our customers needs but to exceed their expectations.